FG New America

What is Fundamental Global

A closely held private partnership focused on long-term strategic holdings, Fundamental Global seeks to invest in any type of asset whose book value exceeds its present market value.

Co-founded in 2012 by Kyle Cerminara (former T. Rowe Price, Point72 and Tiger Cub portfolio manager), and Joe Moglia (former Chairman and CEO of TD Ameritrade), Fundamental Global builds on present-day shareholder equity through the active involvement of its principals and their decades of investing, dealmaking and operational experience.

Fundamental Global’s philosophy is rooted in the strong conviction that markets are not always efficient, and that fundamental research can lead to asymmetric risk/reward opportunities. Low-risk, high-reward investments — regardless of size, sector, or form of ownership — are Fundamental Global’s specialty.

Fundamental Global established FG New America to identify and invest in innovative financial services companies. FG New America successfully closed its merger with Opportunity Financial, LLC (“OppFi”) and OppFi to begin trading on the NYSE under ticker symbol “OPFI” on July 21, 2021.

About Fundamental Global